Light Dimmers



Saflec have been manufacturing a range of industrial light dimmers for use in theatres, auditoriums and public areas, since the company was formed some 22 years ago and have built up a record for reliability and service, which is unequalled in this field.
The range starts at 2.2 Kilowatts and units can be supplied to handle powers upwards of this figure.

The standard range of dimmers are: SK10 , 2,2 KW, SK16 .3,5 KW, BSK 25 .5,5 KW, BSK 60 ,13,5 KW, BSK 25 , 380 v 13,5 KW, BSK 60 ,380 v 22kW  and are available in stand alone form or kit form, for panel mounting. All these dimmers can be controlled remotely from either potentiometers, digital ramp units DRU or three preset levels units PRC. Except for the potentiometer, all these controls can be in multiple positions allowing for many remote points









  Conservatively rated
  Three phase operation available
  Multiple dimmers from one reference
  Remote on switch
  Remote control
  Multiple control points
  Power saving
  Increases lamp life
  Decreases lamp failure



  Board rooms
  Lecture halls
  Training rooms
  Night clubs
  Amateur theatre
  Office blocks

BSK 25-60


  DRU2 Digital ramp from remote position
  PRC3 Three level pre-set control

Technical Data

  SUPPLY VOLTAGE   220 volt/110 volt



 Product Range

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  Probe 2101
   Garrett Super Scanner V

 Walk Through Metal Detectors

  P21 Single-Zone
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   Popular Portable
   PPMZ Portable Multi-Zone (NEW)
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Industrial Products
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Metasearch III (Discontinued)

 Light Dimming
   Light Dimmers

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