PROBE 2101



The Probe 2101 is the latest metal detector in the Saflec range. The Probe has a unique style and is designed for easy operation. We at Saflec have studied hand held detectors over the years before committing ourselves to building one.

The parts normally affected by abuse are the switch and the buzzer.  

The switch in the Probe 2101 has a life span of 10 million operations.

The buzzer cannot be tampered with as preventative measures have been taken in the main body of the detector.

Indicators is a three colour LED which indicate the presence of metal, low battery condition and detector in operation.



    1   On / Off Operation Button
    2   Comfortable Wrist Strap
    3   Secure Grip
    4   Battery Cap
    5   Tri-Coloured LED
                                          Unit is operational
                                          Metal detected in search
                                          Low Battery
    6   Recharge Jack
    7   Large detection area for thorough scanning








  Robust Casing
  Audio Buzzer
  Multi Coloured LED
  On / Off Switch
  Wrist Strap
  Various Colours Available
  Simple to use

  Public buildings
  Law Courts
  Nuclear Facilities
  Transportation Terminals
  Night Clubs
  Loss Prevention
  Sporting Venues
  Industrial Facilities
  Historical Landmarks
Technical Data

  Supply Voltage : 9v
  Power Consumption : 10mA - 90mA
  Audio Alarm : 2.6 KHz
  Weight : 330g

Various colours and label branding available.


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